Villa Montalvo

Technician Entrance

Take a right into the parking lot at the top of the hill just before the Estate. Drive through the parking lot, past the small buildings on the right. Park in the lot at the top where the tennis courts used to be. Meet at the stage.

Dress Code

Work Cloths for Set up and Strike
Show Blacks for Deck Call

All clothes should be clean, no tears or stains; shirts should be buttoned up, pants pulled up; no open toed shoes.   Work Clothes: Jeans or other work pants; shorts or sleeveless shirts may not be acceptable in certain circumstances.   Show Blacks: Same as work clothes but black; jeans or cargo pants, small logos are acceptable.   Tech Blacks: Collared shirt (polo or button up), small logos may be acceptable; unfaded black jeans or Dockers; black shoes or sneakers.   Dress Blacks: Button up black shirt, no logos; black dockers or dress slacks, polishable shoes.   PPE:   Hard hats: Ansi Z89.1 compliant. Chin straps required for all climbers   High Vis: Class 2 or 3  

Required Tools

4 in 1 Screwdriver
Crescent Wrench

From the Outline of Workers Obligations   A WORKER AT THE JOB SITE SHALL HAVE THE REQUIRED TOOLS A Basic Hand Tools required: Hammer, 8” Adjustable Wrench, Slotted & Phillips Screwdriver, Pliers, Wire Cutters, Knife, and Gloves, Pen or Pencil and Flashlight. Other specific tools may be required for other specifically assigned work (i.e., riggers, A/V techs, etc.) If this is the case, the appropriate steward will notify you. Steel toe safety shoes and safety glasses (if you normally wear glasses are strongly recommended and are the responsibility of the worker. Recommended Tools include: Tool Belt or Pouch, Battery Powered Screwdriver/Drill, Measuring Tape, Socket, Open End, Box End and/or Ratchet Wrenches. Failure to have the required tools may result in your replacement on the call.