Video Essentials

Video Essentials San Jose Convention Center

Classes Will Be Held July 16-17 and 18-19

Class Description

The intent of this training is to provide skills necessary to set up and operate video systems in a breakout room setting. The attendees will have taken AV Essentials which provides the fundamental skills in video for a breakout room or will have equivalent experience. The training will take place at the San Jose
Convention Center. The format of the class will be lecture with participation encouraged and hands on.

This class may be offered once every six month or as available Each of the two days will start out with lecture at the beginning of the day and hands on subsequently. The target audience for this class is AV technicians who want to set up and operate break out rooms. Some breakout rooms are very simple and AV Essentials instruction is adequate for those scenarios. This class focuses on the more complex situations often found in breakout rooms. The primary cost of the training is the cost for the instructors and rental of the video equipment. Team San Jose will provide the venue and coffee and lunch.

The objective of the class is that the attendees will have a grasp of the breadth of knowledge needed to set up and operate video in a breakout room. The instruction sequence will be to present the information needed first through lecture and demonstration. Utilize activities to acquaint the attendees with the equipment involved. Lastly, to perform the tasks necessary. The main subject matter expert will be Damian Dan. Assistance will be provided by Eddie Zepeda and Steve Sajor.

The training will be a success if we are able to supplement our pool of qualified breakout room technicians.