Lighting Essentials

Center Performing Arts / Levis Stadium

Lighting Essentials Classes Will Be Held August 5th – 6th and 7th – 8th

Lighting Course Description/Outline

The intent of this training is to provide skills necessary to take an electrician call in a Theater or Corporate event. The attendees will have some to no electrical experience as a stagehand. This is an introductory course open to workers who are new to the job or stagehands who have taken electrician call and would like to brush up on their skills.

The training will take place at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts and Levi’s Stadium.

The format of the class will be an introductory 4 hour lecture which gives a comprehensive overview of all the information one would need to take an electrician call. The balance of the class is hands on. This class may be offered once every six months or as available First 4 hours are lecture. In the afternoon of the first day, the class will be split into thirds. Each third will have their own instructor. In the smaller group setting, hands on will be emphasized in hanging a theater lighting batten. Many of the basic skills will be emphasized.

On the second day, half the class will go back to the CPA and the other half will go to Levi’s Stadium. In the afternoon, they will switch. In the CPA session, the class will split into thirds. One group will go over spotlight operation, one group will go over focusing, and the last group will go over tying off at the pin rail and knots. Each group will rotate through these areas. At Levi’s, the call will emphasize what you may expect in a corporate setting. DMX and circuiting will be emphasized.

The class will use all non-conventional fixtures. The target audience for this
class is stagehands who want to take calls as electricians. The primary cost of the training is the cost for the instructors. Team San Jose and Forty Niner’s will provide the venue, equipment and coffee and lunch. The objective of the class is that the attendees will have a grasp of the breadth of knowledge needed to be an electrician in any venue. The instruction sequence will be to present the information needed first through lecture and demonstration. Utilize activities to acquaint the attendees with the equipment involved.

Lastly, to perform the tasks necessary. The training will be a success if we are able to supplement our pool of qualified electricians.