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Become a Permit Worker with IATSE Local 134

If you are one of the many people working non-union in north California that supports the Entertainment Industry and have become frustrated with the low paying wages, working long hours with out breaks, no benefits working part time with full time hours. Consider becoming a union stage hand and start working with Local 134.

Living expenses are at an all time high in the bay area. Houses are selling for record amounts. The minimum wage is impossible to live on in the bay area. By joining the union you are on your way to having a 401k, Heath Care plan and a Vacation plan. You are also get over time and double time pay. Working for the union you will be able to make a livable wages.

We dispatch skilled Lighting Programmer’s, Electrician’s, Audio Engineer’s, LED Wall Technician’s, Camera Operator’s, Projectionist’s, Carpenter’s and Riggers.  

Send your Resume to Let us know your skills and experience related to our industry.   

Apply to join our Over-Hire Labor Force and earn your way to our Work Referral list. 

Corporate AV, Theater, and Arena/Stadium Shows we are the Labor Force behind Live Entertainment in the South Bay 

As a Member of our Work Referral/Over Hire List

You are Expected to Follow the Standards Listed Below

Check in with your Steward 15 minutes before your call time
Follow the chain of command
Follow Local 134 referral rules and procedures
Have the tools needed for the job as by local 134 tool list
May be required to lift at least 50 LBS and lift heavy things multiple times
Maybe required to work long day (12 plus hrs), weekends, odd hours (Midnight to 8am)
Will be required to work with people who are culturally or ethnically different then you and many have different values
Will be a team player
Are encouraged to take part in Local 134 Training’s

Reasons to Become a Member of Local 134

The right to attend and participate in Union Meetings
The right to nominate and vote for candidates for Union Office
The right to run for Union office and for delegate to the International
The right to participate in contract ratification and strike votes
The right to participate in formulating collective bargaining demands
The right to participate in the development and formulation in policies
Eligible and enrolled members are also entitled to benefits provided by the Union Privilege and Union Plus programs available through the International Alliance