Hire Local 134

 Why Hire Local 134 Technicians?


  • The most important benefit from using our local technicians here in the Silicon Valley is that productions can save thousands of dollars by not paying for airlines,hotels and other traveling road personnel costs. 
  • We are committed to making sure your production is flawlessWe work closely with all the local facilities providing incentives to have more events return to Silicon Valley. 
  • Our technicians are provided with year-round training on the latest staging and audio-visual technologies. We have formed a close on-going relationship with Infocomm, (the leader in Audio Visual training and certification) and have graduated many of our techs through the AV essentials training.  
  • We can provide you with top notch technical talent and cover all your event needs.  

Live Theater, Concerts, Trade Shows and Corporate AV  

Area’s We Specialize in   

Carpentry for Stage and Scenic Construction

Fly Rail and Theater Tech’s 

Theatrical Props and Backdrops  

Production/Stage Management

Stage Rigging

Event Lighting Programmers

Live Sound Engineers

Event Video Engineers   

Projectionists and LED Techs

Camera and Jig Operators

AV Technicians

Skilled Fork and Aerial Lift Operator’s

A non-union contractor may come with a lower up-front cost. But a poorly trained workforce can risk damage of equipment, safety of others, and working more hours for a lower quality event. When you’re an hour away from your show, you don’t want to worry about a late start or cancellation.