Fall Rescue Training

Fall Rescue Training 

Classes will be  Held on July 8th 

The intent of this training is to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to rescue a person who has fallen into the fall arrest system. The attendees will either be experienced riggers or those who hope to be. The class is intended to teach those who need to learn the skills and to allow experienced riggers to
practice the rescue techniques.

The attendees will be taught how to be a part of a team either on the ground or up in the air to rescue a fallen worker. Those who have taken the training previously will be able to attend periodically to practice. This class may be offered once every six months or as available.

The hands-on portion of the class includes a detailed examination of the equipment used for a rescue. Each person will have multiple times to play a role on the fall rescue team on the ground and in the air to rescue a fall rescue dummy suspended from the grid.

The target audience for this class for those wanting to be riggers and experienced riggers.

The primary cost of the training is the cost for the instructors. The objective of the class is that the attendees will be able to be part of a team to rescue a worker who has fallen into the fall arrest system.

The class will utilize activities to acquaint the attendees with the equipment involved. Lastly, to perform the tasks necessary. The training will be a success if riggers are able to safely lower a fallen worker from the fall arrest system to the ground.