Camera Op Training GS and BO

Camera General Session and Breakout’s Training

GS Classes will Be July 15-16 and 17-18 

BO Classes will Be July 16 and 18

Course Description & Outline

Teaching operators to set up and operate cameras for Break Out rooms and General Session. The attendees for General Session Camera will have some experience as camera operators but may not have the specific experience working with the more advanced cameras used in a general session.

Also, they may not have experience taking instruction from a director or understand what a director expects from them. The attendees for the break out camera class will have completed AV Essentials training or have the equivalent experience. The attendees will be experienced AV technicians and Camera Operators.

The training will take place at the San Jose Civic Auditorium. This type of course could be offered as often as biannually. The training will be a combination of lecture, power point and hands on. The director will simulate on the job experience for the GS Camera Training. The training is to encourage motivated individuals interested in improving their skills as camera operators. The cost of the training includes rental of equipment, pay for the instructors and the director.

The objective of the GS camera class is to provide the skills for operators in the General Session environment. The objective of the break out camera class is to provide the skills for operators in the Break Out environment. The instructor will use power point for the Break Out camera class. Brian Chance will be the director and be the expert for following camera direction.

The training will be a success if we expand the pool of general session and breakout camera operators.